Our hall range

Lightweight halls from Losberger Cover All

Address your space shortages rapidly and effectively with our prefabricated lightweight or round arch halls. We’ll deliver and assemble our modular hall systems at short notice to meet your bespoke requirements. Our well-thought-out and robust modular structures will also enable you to easily rearrange them at any time to cater to your changing spatial needs.

Our lightweight halls are the ideal solution for you when you need more space. You can use our halls in numerous ways, such as:

  • Self-supporting storage halls with span widths of up to 50 m
  • Portable field shelters and stables for cows, horses, pigs, and much more
  • Assembly halls that you can flexibly extend depending on the construction progress
  • Sales and exhibition halls
  • Roofing for weather-sensitive commercial goods
  • Weather protection for your vehicles, equipment and machines
  • Stationary or portable building site roofing
  • Lunging and riding halls

The Losberger Cover All supporting structures used in our hall solutions are always made of highly corrosion-resistant galvanized steel components.


Our versatile



Flexibility for the most
diverse requirements


Mobile Cover

The portable shelter
The ideal combination of convenience and protection



Maximum freedom of movement
and especially flexible



Adaptable and versatile
with span widths of up to 50 m



Perfect conditions for
training your horses


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