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Individual hall systems for every space requirement

Our ongoing product optimisation regime, comprehensive service portfolio and huge partner network combine to give you top-class, tried-and-trusted hall and shelter solutions as well as quality pre- and post-sales support.

And, of course, we’ll help manage your bespoke hall projects from initial planning right through to ongoing post-construction servicing and maintenance.

We develop, produce, sell and install room solutions with unsupported spans of up to 50 m worldwide.

With our structural halls, Losberger Cover All is one of the leading providers of pre-fabricated and flexible hall solutions for agriculture, industry, equestrian sport and sport venues.

Years of Experience

Completed projects


A selection of our completed projects.

Range of Applications

Industrial products

Quickly planned and constructed – space created! We’ll take charge of your short-term space requirement.

The warehouses and industrial halls of
LCA Cover All cover almost any space requirements. Whether as special constructions or multi-bay hall variants, there are no limits to storage space.


LCA Cover All halls are particularly convincing in terms of indoor climate, versatility and cost-benefit ratio.

Our agriculture halls are also suited for
storing grain, straw and hay or machinery.


Translucent, tear-resistant and optimally ventilated.

We know the needs of modern equestrian business and built halls that are more than a match to these complex requirements..

On-Site Production

Benefit from high quality and short distances – all our halls are manufactured entirely in Germany. With LCA Cover All Halls for turnkey solutions and flexibility in every detail. Our high-quality halls will reliably serve your needs for many years to come – discover more today. We’ll show you the practical benefits of our bespoke solutions.


  • Manufactured entirely in Germany
  • Square profiles and galvanisation
  • New, optimised connection details
  • Fully compliant with the Eurocode standards for structural design
  • Unbeatable production quality
  • Special solutions

Certified welding company

EN 1090-2

Hall Types

Lightweight halls or also round arch halls of LCA Cover All solve space bottlenecks within shortest time. We’ll deliver and assemble our modular hall systems at short notice to meet your bespoke requirements. Our well-thought-out and robust modular structures will also enable you to easily rearrange them at any time to cater to your changing spatial needs.


Our versatile



Flexibility for the most
diverse requirements


Mobile Cover

The portable shelter
The ideal combination of convenience and protection



Maximum freedom of movement
and especially flexible



Adaptable and versatile
with span widths of up to 50 m


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