Adaptable and versatile

With the hybrid-series, width spans up to 50 m and variable roof apex up to 13 m are possible. The possibilities for accessory options are almost unlimited – different door and gate combinations, side curtain systems, ventilation system and much more gives you maximum flexibility.

In addition, halls in the Hybrid series are divisible and endlessly expandable.

Available sizes*:

Hybrid 96 29,91 m (W) x 9,80 m (H)
Hybrid 106 32,88 m (W) x 10,27 m (H)
Hybrid 115 35,69 m (W) x 10,74 m (H)
Hybrid 124 38,54 m (W) x 11,20 m (H)
Hybrid 134 41,38 m (W) x 11,66 m (H)
Hybrid 143 44,35 m (W) x 12,14 m (H)
Hybrid 153 47,16 m (W) x 12,60 m (H)
Hybrid 164 50,02 m (W) x 13,06 m (H)

*available in all lengths

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