Maximum flexibility for the most diverse requirements

Looking for a simple, affordable solution whilst benefiting from maximum flexibility in the construction of your hall? Then our SAS series is the right choice. From the flexible single-tube frame with a width of 5 m to 15 m to foundation or fastening by means of ground nailing to individual construction on precast concrete elements or mobile silo walls – the LCA Cover All SAS hall is the ideal hall type for small construction projects and offers the right solution for a wide range of requirements in industry and agriculture.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Relocation possible
  • Short installation times and low construction costs
  • Flexibly divisible, easy extendible


  • Construction also possible without a foundation (depending on the regional building code)
  • Construction also possible on pre-existing foundation (e.g. steel or concrete partition walls) or in the form of spot or strip foundations
  • 30% more spatial volume thanks to arched roof truss

The steel frame of the roof structure of this round arch hall consists of galvanised round tubes with diameters of 76 mm, 95 mm and 114 mm, depending on the size.

The hall is covered with a sturdy, translucent PE or PVC fabric membrane.

Whether floor mounted or as bunker silo roofing, this hall plays to its strengths wherever it’s used.

With various truss spacings, it can be adapted to your specific requirements extremely flexibly, whilst being both cost-effective and exceedingly robust.

If more space is what you need then the SAS hall is the ideal solution. You can use our halls in numerous ways, such as:

  • Showrooms or trade fair and exhibition halls
  • Roofing for weather-sensitive commercial goods (hay and straw store)
  • Weather protection for your vehicles, equipment and machines
  • Stationary or portable building site roofing
  • Round arch halls for animal husbandry, e.g. as a stable or cowshed (box / open stable)
  • Halls on concrete guide walls

Substructure options:

  • Silo walls
  • Pre-cast concrete elements, concrete T-blocks
  • Concrete blocks
  • Concrete foundation
  • Concrete guide walls
  • Steel partition walls
  • Earth anchoring

Accessory options:

We also deliver a variety of different equipment options upon request individually for each order, e.g.:

  • Closed gable wall
  • Door and gate variants
  • Door and gate variants
  • Window strip
  • Ventilation options
  • Drainage systems

Available sizes*:

(width = dimension between axes, height = external roof apex height)

  • SAS 16 5,00 m (W) x 3,54 m (H)
  • SAS 21 6,50 m (W) x 3,95 m (H)
  • SAS 26 7,92 m (W) x 3,88 m (H)
  • SAS 30 9,14 m (W) x 3,44 m (H)
  • SAS 31 9,30 m (W) x 4,09 m (H)
  • SAS 33 10,00 m (W) x 5,82 m (H)
  • SAS 40 12,00 m (W) x 6,69 m (H)
  • SAS 44 13,50 m (W) x 6,06 m (H)
  • SAS 50 15,00 m (W) x 6,50 m (H)

*Depending on hall type, available from 9 m / 10 m

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