Maximum freedom of movement and especially flexible

If you want to experience new standards in hall construction, choose our Titan series. Whether self-supporting hall widths of 30 m to 50 m, maximum freedom of movement thanks to variable roof apex heights, or adaptability to all door and gate variants, the benefits are diverse and the possibilities virtually unlimited.
Especially practical: the halls of this series are flexibly divisible.

Available sizes*:

(width = dimension between axes, height = external roof apex height)

Titan 100 29,53 m (W) x 13,00 m (H)
Titan 105 32,11 m (W) x 13,70 m (H)
Titan 110 34,79 m (W) x 14,58 m (H)
Titan 120 37,45 m (W) x 15,32 m (H)
Titan 130 39,97 m (W) x 16,06 m (H)
Titan 140 42,55 m (W) x 16,80 m (H)
Titan 148 45,24 m (W) x 17,58 m (H)
Titan 157 47,82 m (W) x 18,32 m (H)
Titan 165 50,41 m (W) x 19,06 m (H)

*available in all lengths

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